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Photographic Memory

What is Photographic Memory ?

The so-called photographic memory or Eidetic memory is the ability to recall most of the details of visual or auditory stimuli, one of which is exposed in a short period of time. In early childhood (until 6 years old), extreme memory is thought to exist; it is thought to exist in about 10% of the population in this age group.

If photographic memory is not cultivated and developed well, extreme memory may disappear after the age of six. It has nothing to do with an individual’s IQ or wisdom, but this completely absent in adults; however, some people are blessed to have these photographic memories.



The concept of “photographic” memory is that it is like a photo which you can retrieve it from your memory and examine it in detail, zooming in on different parts. However, true photographic memory in this sense has never been proven. Absolute Brain Academy is a well-known organization where you can take Photographic Memory Test for your child.

Most of us have a photographic memory because most people remember the visual material much better and more detailed than most other types of materials we recall. For example, most of us are more likely to remember a face than the name associated with that face. But this is not true photographic memory; it just shows us the normal difference between memory types.

All of these lifestyle factors are the basis for starting a brain learning and memory training program which will definitely produce results in the fastest and most effective way. Absolute Brain Academy, one of the best organizations which will provide you with the most realistic opportunities to achieve photographic memories.

Our program will teach you how to hack your learning skills, reading and memory skills so that you can learn anything faster and more efficiently by using the latest technology, quantum speed reading. Whether you are a student, a professional, or just embarking on a new hobby, learning things more quickly and effectively is the best key to success.

Know What Photographic Memory Training include?

Photographic Memory Training will help to train your memory in three ways: namely speed, space, and quantity.Remember, in order to train this skill, you can’t use the mnemonic skills you learned here. It will help your brain memory to be more precise to store an image of whatever you want to store so that you can easily use that image.

How to Develop Photographic Memory

There are three factors that will contribute to having a photographic memory in you. Mainly, two of the three are completely under your control.

  • Depend on Genetics: Basically, our ability to remember depends to some extent on our genetics. Some people may be born with extreme memory in their genes, and others of us only need to use lifestyle and training elements develop photographic memories.
  • Basically, depends on our Lifestyle: It also depends on your daily nutrient supplements, diet, exercise, meditation and especially your perfect sleep. Choosing the right lifestyle choices is the key to maximizing your brain’s health to create an environment of large-scale memory growth and cognitive enhancement.
  • Might depend on Training program: Memory training programs are a very essential process in unlocking the full potential of the brain. The training involves using a proven memory training method to shape the brain into a memory machine.

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