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Extrasensory Perception Test

Do you know that the human brain blocks more than 90% of the information retrieving every day? And their unlimited things available for life-changing benefits waiting for your open mind up to extrasensory perception. It has been scientifically proved that living in this scientifically multidimensional universe, one can easily improve your life by opening to 90% of your world’s stimuli


What is Extrasensory Perception?

In this world, we all used to listen to a very common term “sixth sense” which is now considered as extrasensory perception. In this, the term Extrasensory means “beyond the senses” of the remaining 5 senses namely, sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.

In the ESP development, after undergoing training of 5 days, a child will be able to activate his/her sensory organs so that his sixth sense is developed in such a way that he/she could guess which questions would be asked in the forthcoming examinations. He/she can identify the objects blindfolded from a distance or identify the objects put under a non-transparent bowl.

ESP neither rely on known body sensations nor on inferences from previous experiences. Information can be about current, future or past, objects or people. As with all paranormal phenomena or “psi” phenomena, the existence of ESP always remains the subject of debate between sceptics’, critics, and believers. However, it is believed that our world and our existence can experience more than through five senses that prompt researchers to continue to report and study this phenomenon.

There are a few major types of ESP presents, namely

Telepathy: In this one can, be able to read other people’s ideas.

Clairvoyance: Being able to “see” events or objects that occur elsewhere.

Predict: It helps in seeing the ability of the future.

Re-recognition: One can be able to see the distant past.

Moderate: The ability to guide or control the dead spirits.

Psychometrics: The ability to read information about people or places by simply

touching the physical objects.

All these abilities are based on the belief that humans can perceive things beyond the range of known body sensations. This concept has many different names since the beginning of human civilization, but modern concepts did not develop until the first half of the 20th century. ESP itself was created in 1934 by Duke University professor J.B. Rhine, one of the first respected scientists to conduct extraordinary research in university laboratories.

Let’s look at the causes and treatment of Extra Sensory Perception

Our parapsychologists believe that the presence of ESP may be due to the existence of certain types of brain activity. Attempts have been made to understand the exact region of the brain that mediates or regulates additional sensory perception functions. Studies have shown that during the ESP, the right hemisphere of the brain appears to be activated.

Following are the treatment of Extra Sensory Perception

Psychiatric Counselling: ESP patients cannot be able to explain the unusualexperiences and need to talk to a psychiatrist to find out what is going on.Therefore, depending on the condition, the psychiatrist will analyze the case andprovide appropriate counselling.

Telepathy: Sometimes patients have physical symptoms similar to those experienced by close friends or relatives. These close friends or relatives areseparated by time and geography without any prior knowledge. In this case, the patient should be asked. Any emotional trauma, or whether any person close to the patient has experienced similar physical symptoms.

Precognition: Psychiatrists should confirm and determine the patient’s predictability when evaluating patients. They should also verify that all foreseen events are true in the patient.

Some examples to be seen in the daily life of ESP in a human being

  • In some people, they have the ability to know about when the phone is going to be rings and in some cases who calls.
  • People can sense about the people who are lying, although they don’t seem to be like that.
  • Some people can sense about someone is sick or depressed and has no obvious signs.
  • Predict future events.
  • One can sense that for a particular person that they had contact with that person in the past.
  • Have the feeling that someone will have a small accident or fall.
  • Learn about newspaper articles or events that will appear in tomorrow’s newspapers.

Benefits of ESP

  • With the help of ESP Test, one can sharpen the “sixth sense” and trigger a lot of new emotions, thoughts, and knowledge.
  • Feel more connected to all creatures.
  • One can improve their mental ability.
  • One can be able to carefully be adjusted with internal guidance to provide easy life solutions for relationships, money, careers, etc.
  • Achieve greater success in all life careers.
  • Reduce fear and better understand the unnatural roots of fear.
  • Better understand the true nature of reality.

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