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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

(DMIT) Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test can be chosen as a career guideline choice in order to identify the real you or your little ones. You can make your little one’s future brighter and safer by identifying their potential and ability. You just need to take the DMIT. This test will let you know the ability of your child.


Basically, this test is a concept of Dermatoglyphics kind of scientific study performed to study the different patterns of fingerprints found on palm, fingers, and thumb. Absolute Brain Academy is one of the Best DMIT company, helping many people in making the future of the child by using fingerprint test for career. It has been scientifically proved that the ridged pattern of skin is basically developed in the 5th month of pregnancy of women. As we all know that every kid is having different talent and ability which can be developed by their teachers, parents, and surroundings. For this, we send them to school and colleges, but the problem is that we are not having a specific instrument of identifying the talent of kids. So, to recognize a unique talent in your little ones you must perform this test by Absolute Brain Academy.

At Absolute Brain Academy, you will get this test done very perfectly with the help of our expertise. We are here to serve you the accurate result of the test of DMIT and offer DMIT Counselling to understand the unique ability of your child.

What are the Benefits of DMIT?

This test can be performed for any age group to recognize the best career for growth. It mainly can be done by fingerprint test for a career. This test will help you to decide your little one’s career. This test can be performed in different age groups like;

Age group of 1-12 years children

  • It will help them in visual and sensory development.
  • Parents can easily identify the learning patterns along with the strength and weakness of their child so that they can plan their future in a  better way.

Age group of 13-25 years

  • It allows them to build a career in knowing the interesting subjects and stream.
  • Parent’s will be able to differentiate child’s interest and ability.
  • They will also know the dominance of brain that is right and left as far as psychology is concerned.

For Parents

  • This test will help parents to customize the children’s learning pattern and their nature.
  • By this test parents can develop a healthy relationship with kids.
  • Most importantly, it will also help their child to maximize the concentration level in study.

Adult Professionals

  • This test will help to lead a better success by identifying the skills.
  • Adults can also build confidence and will become more self-aware.

Age group of 25+

  • This test will help in keeping the negative behaviour and thoughts away.
  • It will help you to understand the person’s nature and eliminate miscommunication.
  • This will also make a person more responsible and develop the best relationship in family.

How DMIT Test Can Help You?

  • To identify the inborn talents & innate abilities of a child.
  • To detect the most appropriate learning method (i.e. “by listening” or by “seeing the images” or by “writing the  matter repeatedly”) so that the method of imparting knowledge could be modified suitable accordingly.
  • To know the dominance of Brain (whether Right or Left Brain is more dominant)
  • Select a particular area based on hidden potentials of a child.
  • Enlighten you about Multiple Intelligence of your child.
  • Adopt appropriate parenting techniques.
  • Choose the Activities which are most suitable based upon their Multiple Intelligence and innate abilities.
  • Maintain smooth & healthy relationship between kids & parents vis-a-vis his / her peers.
  • Identify your child’s Personal Quotients; i.e. Creativity Quotient, Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Adversity Quotient.

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