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Who We Are?

  • We are into identifying the innate intellect of every child by applying DMIT Test and analyzing the report to the core.
  • We do SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threat) of a child and provide counseling to strengthen their skillset.
  • We conduct workshops and training programs to enhance brain potential of the child.
  • We assist parents to take right decision for their children by identifying their multiple intelligence, personality type, learning pattern, analytical ability, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language ability, quotients, extra-curricular activity etc.
  • We assist individual for best career options by understanding their acquiring method and furthermore we provide remedies of the obstacle faced during the career selection journey.

 Our Vision

  • To develop innovative, creative, advance and intellectually strong society.
  • To make every Individual equipped with right career choice and develop problem- solving skill.
  • “Today’s child is tomorrow’s future “make them to grow up to be a responsible & rationale citizen
  • Make India’s youth more skillful and powerful.

 Our Mission

  • To bring out each child’s innate power and potential to forefront.
  • To make Parents and Children understand that every individual has a right to aspire to be genius and select the best suitable career path.
  • To assist an educational institute to take initiative by adding talent-oriented programs in their co-curriculum.

Our company has a long run mission for training in several innovative fields.Psychological and socio-scientific projects are to be taken in long run. Research work on the products which are useful for training purposes. The main moto of the company is to enlighten& awaken hidden power of the children by organising different types of seminars/ workshops/ trainings.

The company undertook the following projects.

  1. Alpha Mind Activation
  2. Habits of highly effective kids/ teenagers
  3. The power of Subconscious Mind
  4. Neuro-Linguistic program
  5. Paint your life program
  6. DMIT
  7. Midbrain activation
  8. Parenting
  9. Workshops and Training
  10. Child and Parent Counselling


We have been engaged in the line of Personality & Brain Development Project. Our activities include the following aspects among the children between 05 – 15 years age group: –

  1. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT):

This test is conducted by taking the scanned images of ridges of one finger of hand from three different angles. Thus total 30 finger-images are taken of all 10 fingers. Then a detailed, exhaustive and Scientific Report is prepared which contains the details about the Strengths and Weaknesses of the concerned person’s Brain, his / her personality traits, learning modes, etc. All these data are quite helpful in choosing a perfect career through Report’s counselling.

  1. Midbrain Activation:

After undergoing training of 10 days, a child will be able to connect the Left Brain & Right Brain so that he/she can optimally utilize the Left and the right brain simultaneously & get better outcomes. This process a child will enable to identify the colour of any object blindfolded.

  1. Extrasensory Perception Test:

After the training of 5 days, a child will be able to activate his / her sensory organs so that his sixth sense is developed in such a way that he/she could guess which questions would be asked in the forthcoming examinations. After the training, He/she can also able to identify the objects blindfolded from a distance or identify the objects put under a non-transparent bowl.

  1. Photographic Memory:

After undergoing training of 14 days, a child’s memory power increases tremendously. He/she will be able to read & comprehend summary of a book of any standard blindfolded just by flipping it for a minute.

  1. Quantum Speed Reading:        

After undergoing training of 8 days, a child’s memory power increases tremendously. He/she will be able to read & comprehend about to 300 – 350 words in a minute. This process will enable a child to read & comprehend any printed material very fast which will help him/her to read faster & save time.

    6. Neuro Linguistic Programming:

It is a method to learn the language of your own mind. NLP is the study of excellent communication with yourself, and with others. It is an attitude and a unique methodology of knowing how to achieve your goals and get the results. After mastering NLP, a student can learn complicated mathematical/scientific formula in a funny way; memorize long comprehensions quickly, memorize historical data very fast. Through NLP, mental disease like dyslexia can be cured; any phobia or uncomfortable memory of an incident can be erased, etc.


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